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Why Visit Uganda?

Uganda is known as Africa’s pearl for a reason. It is most likely Africa’s best-kept secret, offering a fantastic variety of experiences and landscapes while retaining its tranquil beauty. Uganda, a country truly endowed by nature, supports a wide range of habitats, including snow-capped mountains, lakes, winding rivers, forested reserves, and jungles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A gorilla safari in Uganda is one of those bucket-list experiences that many people only dream about. It’s highly exclusive, and you need to obtain a licence to be allowed gorilla trekking. Of course, this is all to protect these endangered primates for future generations. 

Everything is done to ensure the gorillas are not disturbed, limiting the number of people and time spent with the gorilla families at a time. Therefore, to ensure booking your gorilla safari is a seamless experience, it’s always best to book with experienced travel experts. And as the World’s Leading Safari Company, we can confidently say that’s us! 

Although it’s a year-round destination, the best time to visit Uganda is generally considered to be between June to September and December to March. 

This is mainly because Uganda has two distinct seasons, namely the dry and rainy seasons. The long dry season is best for gorilla trekking because the terrain is easier to hike on. At the same time, conditions for Big 5 safaris are also ideal during these months because the bush is dry and there are fewer water sources, which makes it easier to spot wildlife.

During the shorter rainy season from October to December, Uganda is lush and migrant birds make their debut. March to May is the country’s long rainy season, meaning fewer crowds, so you might snag some great deals. Furthermore, this time of year is actually great for chimpanzee trekking because these primates move lower down the slopes looking for more warmth and fruit, so it’s a shorter walk to find them.

Uganda has various cultural groups speaking over 30 different languages, with English and Swahili as the official languages. Ugandans can be classified into these broad language categories: Bantu, Nilotics, Madi-Okoru or the Sudanic speaking, and the Pygmoid (who live mainly isolated in the rainforests of western Uganda). One-third of the Ugandan population is comprised of Roman Catholic, one-third is Protestant, 16 percent is Muslim and 18 percent believe in local religions.

In the countryside, a variety of festivals, ritual celebrations and familial gatherings demonstrate the culturally rich experience a traveller could enjoy.

The largest and most noteworthy museum in the country is the Uganda Museum in Kampala. Others include those at Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth national parks. Although Kampala’s vibrant city is a traveller’s favourite, it is located outside of the city. However, it’s Uganda’s national parks and reserves that lure most travellers.

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