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The Ngorongoro Highlands, a range of dramatic volcanic peaks located immediately to the south of the Serengeti, are traversed during a safari, particularly when passing through the well-known Ngorongoro Crater.



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In Northern Tanzania, on either side of the Great Rift Valley escarpment, is a striking range of volcanic mountains known as the Ngorongoro Highlands.

When traveling between Lake Manyara in the south and Serengeti in the north, typically via the well-known Ngorongoro Crater, the vast majority of safaris through this region of the world drive up and over the Ngorongoro Highlands.

Seasonality can be a major problem in Ngorongoro because it is a highland region that receives much more rainfall and much colder temperatures than the nearby plains.

The timing of your visit is much more likely to be determined by the seasonality of the nearby safari areas, especially Serengeti, if you are simply passing through to stop by the Ngorongoro Crater. In this case, wildlife viewing and general conditions are fairly consistent year-round.

The best time of year is generally thought to be the dry season, which runs from June to October, if you’re planning a longer stay that might include a variety of hiking and trekking options.

Key Locations

The Ngorongoro Crater : The Ngorongoro Crater, which is directly south of the Serengeti, is a breathtakingly amazing location that is constantly teeming with wildlife. A variety of camps and lodges that offer a range of safari, active, and cultural activities are available for guest lodging. However, there are serious traffic problems.

Karatu Area : In Karatu, which is 10 kilometers southeast of the Ngorongoro Crater, visitors can stay in some lovely farmhouse lodges and enjoy a variety of cultural, active, and safari experiences. Karatu is a region of stunning rural scenery centered on a bustling agricultural town.

Northern Ngorongoro : The upland region of Ngorongoro North, which is next to the main crater, is remarkably unexplored and is home to the mysterious Empakai Crater and an excellent hiking trail that leads all the way down to Lake Natron.

Southern Ngorongoro : The little-explored upland region of Ngorongoro South, which is adjacent to the main crater, has some amazing scenery, interesting Maasai villages, and an excellent hiking trail that descends into the Serengeti.

Getting to Ngorongoro Crater

The vast majority of visitors to the Ngorongoro Highland region arrive by escorted overland safari; as a result, they drive their own private vehicle to their lodge and throughout the reserve.

A light aircraft transports about 20% of visitors to the Ngorongoro Crater, who almost always land at Manyara Airstrip and then travel for two to three hours to one of the upscale hotels on the Crater Rim. In this instance, they use a vehicle and a guide from their lodge to tour the reserve.

Unless otherwise requested, we always include all connecting transportation in your trip.

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We’ll plan your trip around your specific interests, tastes and preferences, providing helpful tips and honest advice based on first-hand knowledge of the destination.

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