5 Days Mount Kenya Trekking

Mount Kenya trekking to Point Lenana

5 Days Mount Kenya Trekking

Mount Kenya trekking to Point Lenana

The Mount Kenya trek is a challenging and rewarding journey to Mount Kenya’s highest trekking peak (Point Lenana), which stands at 4985 meters. The summit offers stunning views of the dramatic volcanic massif and the two main peaks of Batian and Nelion, as well as long vistas of Kenya’s central plains. It has long been a popular and appealing hike through an ancient landscape dotted with glaciers, rock spires, high tarns, and some beautiful unique flora and fauna such as giant groundsels and the strange-looking rock hyrax that evolved from the elephant.

Trip Itenerary

  • Day 1: Welcome to Nairobi Kenya

    If you are flying into Kenya, we can assist with airport transfers to Naro Moru. Evening arrivals will require at least one night in Nairobi before transferring up to Naro Moru on the west side of Mt Kenya to meet the guides and porters, who all live in the area and can meet you whatever day you arrive. There is a lot to see and do in Nairobi and Naro Moru, and we can help you arrange extra nights of accommodation, city tours in Nairobi, or day trips and Moving Mountains project visits in Naro Moru. We're happy to discuss all options to ensure your time in Kenya is everything and more than you expected.

  • Day 2 : Sirimon Camp - Judmier Camp

    Load the vehicle(s) for the 50-kilometer drive around the mountain and up to the Sirimon gate. After entering the park, we drive along the vehicle track through the hardwood forest. After about 15 minutes, we cross the equator, which is marked by a large sign. We stop for a picnic lunch before continuing on up to our first camp, Old Moses (also known as Judmier Camp), which has great views of the peaks ahead.

  • Day 3: Judmier Camp - Shipton Camp

    We set out across the alpine heath and moorland, skirting around and over a few streams and ridges before entering the MacKinder Valley. Before continuing up the valley towards the main peaks, we usually stop for lunch under a cave-like outcrop. There is a short steeper section as we approach Shipton's Camp and another as we leave Shipton's Cave. We set up camp next to the huts and prepared dinner here.

  • Day 4: Acclimitization Day

    Today is an acclimation day hike from Shipton's. There are a few options for this, but one of the best is to climb up the valley side to the west and onto the Hausberg Col. The col is located near the main peaks, high above the camp and the valley we walked up the day before. It also gives us a good view of Point Lenana and the majority of our route for the next day. Then we return to Shiptons for lunch, rest, and final preparations for our early morning climb to Point Lenana.

  • Day 5: Shiptons Camp - Point Lenana

    We'll be up around 4 a.m. this morning to prepare for our nighttime ascent to Point Lenana; it's an exhilarating feeling to step out into the cold under the stars and crunch up the frozen scree. We skirt above the bowl of Harris Tarn and then cross an area of bare rock and a small scramble. If we get ahead of schedule, there is a small niche/cave where we can rest before continuing to the top. The sun will rise around 6 a.m., and after taking in the breathtaking scenery, we will descend the ridge of Lenana on the Naro Moru route to Austrian Hut. The ridge is initially quite narrow in places, but it widens as you get closer to Austrian Hut, and we will take our time over the short sections that require both hands and feet. Steel cables run along the upper two-thirds of the ridge, and while they aren't strictly necessary, they can be reassuring. We descend from Austrian Hut to Mackinder's Camp for brunch and R&R before continuing down the Teleki Valley and the infamous 'Vertical Bog' to reach Met Station and our camp by mid-afternoon.

  • Day 6: Met Station - Chogoria Town

    We leave Met station and follow the track back down through the forest and bamboo to the Naro Moru gate. There are a couple of short sections where the track goes uphill, which may test your patience, but we'll be there soon. We take the short drive back down to Naro Moru. It is possible to return to Nairobi on this date, but if you have time, a few days in Naro Moru are well worth it. Apart from our Moving Mountains projects, Naro Moru provides safe and comfortable accommodation at the Blueline Hotel, as well as some great walks and other activities in the surrounding area, such as the Mau Mau caves, a number of excellent restaurants, and day trips to the Equator's curio shops.



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